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Welcome to the CyberCraft Wiki!

This has all of the necessary information required for you to progress on your journey here at CyberCraft! We hope that you find an enjoyable experience here!

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Rules & Policies

Clean Game Guidelines:


Refrain from using profanity, spamming, or excessive caps.

Global chat should be in English only; use /r or /msg for other languages.

Ensure skins, names, builds, signs, etc., are appropriate.

Maintain appropriate behavior across all platforms; report any concerns.

TP trap killing or death camping is prohibited.

Mining in the resource world must adhere to designated rules. Remember, the mining world is provided for a purpose. If caught mining for resources in the main world, you will receive a warning on your first offense.


Avoid the use of Hacked Clients or mods that confer an unfair advantage.

Hacks such as X-ray, Flying, Speed, etc., are strictly forbidden.

Autoclickers in PvP scenarios are not permissible.

Any glitches discovered should be reported rather than exploited.

Nether Roof:

Building on the Nether Roof is expressly forbidden.


Actions such as lava casts, encasing, flooding, or griefing in any world are prohibited.

Avoid trolling, harassment, scamming, or encouraging harm to others.

Account Policies:

Discussions regarding punishments or attempts to evade bans/mutes are not allowed.

Content deemed inappropriate, including vulgar, sexual, or drug-related topics, is strictly prohibited.

Refrain from impersonating staff members or disclosing personal information.

Claims & Raiding:

Do not construct within 20 chunks of another player's claim without their explicit permission.

In cases of extended absence exceeding 90 days, claims may be either unclaimed or claimed by another player.

Raiding unclaimed bases is permitted, but refrain from causing grief to them.

All block alterations are logged by the server to ensure accountability.

Discord Server Rules:

Respectful Communication:

Treat others with respect and courtesy.

No harassment, bullying, or discrimination of any kind.

Avoid offensive language, including profanity and slurs.

Content Guidelines:

Keep discussions appropriate and on-topic.

No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, including images, links, or discussions.

Avoid controversial or sensitive topics that may lead to conflict.

Spam and Advertising:

No spamming, including excessive emojis, repeated messages, or flood/spam bots.

Do not advertise without permission, including other Discord servers, websites, or products.

Privacy and Safety:

Do not share personal information about yourself or others.

Report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior to the moderators.

Gaming and Role-Specific Rules:

Follow additional rules specific to gaming channels or roles.

Respect game-specific guidelines and server-specific rules when applicable.

Discord Features:

Use channels appropriately and follow channel-specific rules.

No excessive use of mentions or pings without a valid reason.

Moderation and Enforcement:

Follow instructions from moderators and administrators.

Disputes should be handled privately; avoid public arguments or drama.

Account Policies:

Only one account per user allowed.

Do not share or use others' accounts without permission.

Reporting and Appeals:

Report rule violations to moderators with evidence if possible.

Appeals for warnings, mutes, or bans should be done through the appropriate channels.


Violation of these rules may result in warnings, mutes, kicks, or bans, depending on severity and repetition.

Moderator decisions are final; do not argue with or harass moderators.


Ranks & Perks

Here you can purchase a rank to unlock features and support our development!











Many newer mayors, and even older players struggle with remembering or figuring out commands with the towny plguin. This guide is intended to help newbies to create their own towns without trouble, an

CraftCraze SMP is a Minecraft server that utilizes the Towny plugin as its primary method for players to claim land and establish communities. With Towny, players can create and manage towns, forge alliances with others to form nations, and participate in the server's economy and governance systems. This setup fosters a structured and collaborative environment where players can build, explore, and interact within their virtual communities.



Trying to find a Towny command? We've got you covered. Make sure to type in the command listed in each header before pasting these, otherwise they won't work - e.g. /towny top residents.


Shows basic Towny commands.

  • ? – Shows more Towny commands.
  • map – Shows the Towny map.
  • prices – Shows taxes/costs associated with running a town.
  • time – Shows time until next new-day (tax/upkeep collection.)
  • top residents (all/town/nation) – Shows top residents.
  • top land (all/resident/town) – Shows top land owners.


Shows the /plot commands.

  • ? – Shows more plot commands.
  • claim – Resident command to claims a plot
  • claim auto – claim plots that are for sale
  • unclaim – Resident command to unclaim personally owned plots.
  • unclaim circle/rect – unclaim owned plots in a circle or rectangle shape.
  • unclaim (# (radius around current position)) – Radius of area to unclaim.
  • forsale/fs [amt] – Set a plot for sale.
  • forsale/fs circle/rect – Set a shape.
  • forsale/fs (# (radius around current position)) – Radius of area to set forsale.
  • notforsale/nfs – Set a plot to not be for sale.
  • set reset – Sets a shop/embassy/arena/wilds plot back to a normal plot.
  • set shop – Sets a plot to a shop plot.
  • set embassy – Sets a plot to an embassy plot.
  • set arena – Sets a plot to an arena plot.
  • set wilds – Sets a plot to a wilds plot.
  • set inn – Set a plot to an inn plot.
  • set name – allows a mayor or plot-owner to rename plots they own, overwriting the ~Unowned message.
  • perm – Shows the permission of the plot that the player is standing on
  • set perm (resident/ally/outsider) (on/off)
  • set perm (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)
  • set perm (resident/ally/outsider) (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)
  • set perm reset – Resets the plot in which you are standing on to the original perms
  • toggle
  • toggle fire – Turn on/off firespread in the plot in which you stand. Please note this will have no effect, as firespread is disabled serverwide.
  • toggle pvp – Turn on/off pvp in the plot in which you stand.
  • toggle explosion – Turn on/off explosions in the plot in which you stand.
  • toggle mob – Turn on/off hostile mobspawning in the plot in which you stand.


Shows a player their resident screen.

  • ? – Shows /res commands available.
  • (resident) – Shows a player another player’s resident screen.
  • friend add (resident) – Resident adds online player to their friends list.
  • friend add+ (resident) – Resident adds offline player to their friends list.
  • friend remove (resident)– Resident removes online player from their friends list.
  • friend remove+ (resident)– Resident removes offline player from their friends list.
  • friend clearlist – Removes all friends from a resident’s friend list.
  • toggle map – Turns on map which refreshes when moving across plot borders.
  • toggle townclaim – Turns on mode where /town claim is automatically used when moving across plot borders.
  • toggle plotborder – Turns on smokey plot-border view. Border shows when players cross to different townblocks.
  • toggle reset – This turns off all modes that are active.
  • set perm (friend/ally/outsider) (on/off)
  • set perm (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)
  • set perm (friend/ally/outsider) (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)
  • set perm reset – This takes the perm line seen in the /resident screen and applies it to all plots personally owned by the player typing it.


Shows a player their town’s town screen.

  • ? – Shows /town commands available.
  • (town) – Shows a player another town’s town screen.
  • here – Shows you the town screen of the town in which you stand.
  • leave – Leaves a town.
  • list (page #) – Lists towns.
  • plots (townname) – Shows a helpful list of plots and their types/revenue which are owned by the town.
  • new (townname) – Creates new town.
  • delete - Deletes your town
  • add (resident) – Mayor command to add residents to your town.
  • kick (resident) – Mayor command to remove residents from your town.
  • spawn – Teleports you to your town’s spawn.
  • spawn (town) – Teleports you to another town’s spawn. This town will need to be in your nation.
  • claim – claims the townblock in which you are standing on
  • claim outpost – Claims an outpost for your town.
  • claim (# (radius around current position)) – Claims an area of townblocks around you
  • claim auto – Claims as many townblocks around you as is possible given Money in townbank and available townblocks.
  • unclaim – Mayor command to unclaim the townblock in which you stand.
  • unclaim all – Mayor command to unclaim all townblocks.
  • unclaim (# (radius around current position)) – Command to unclaim an area of townblocks around you.
  • withdraw ($) – Removes money from town bank.
  • deposit ($) – Adds money from player to the town bank.
  • outpost
  • ranklist – Displays residents and their ranks.
  • rank (add|remove) (playername) (rankname) – Grants or removes a rank to a resident of the town.
  • reslist – See a full list of residents in your town.
  • set board (message) – Sets message seen by residents upon logging in.
  • set mayor (resident) – Mayor command to give mayor status to another resident.
  • set homeblock – Sets the homeblock and spawn of your town.
  • set spawn – Sets the town spawn, must be done inside the homeblock.
  • set name (name) – Change your town’s name.
  • set outpost – Sets a townblock as an outpost.
  • set perm (resident/ally/outsider) (on/off)
  • set perm (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)
  • set perm (resident/ally/outsider) (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) (on/off)
  • set perm reset – This takes the perm line seen in the /town screen and applies it to all plots owned by the town.
  • toggle mobs – Turn on/off hostile mobspawning in town.
  • toggle public – Turn on/off the co-ordinates of the town’s homeblock in the /town screen.
  • toggle pvp – Turn on/off pvp in town.


Shows a player their nation’s nation screen.

  • ? – Shows /nation commands.
  • list {page #} – Lists Nations.
  • online – Shows players in your nation which are online.
  • (nation) – Shows a player the /nation screen of another nation.
  • leave – Mayor command to leave the nation they are a part of.
  • withdraw {$} – King command to remove money from the nation bank.
  • deposit {$} – King command to add money to the nation bank.
  • new (nationname) – Mayor command to create a nation.
  • add (town) – Invites/Adds a town to your nation.
  • kick (town) – Removes a town from your nation.
  • delete – Deletes your nation.
  • ally add (nation) – Add a nation to your nation’s ally list.
  • ally remove (nation) – Removes a nation from your nation’s ally list.
  • enemy add (nation) – Add a nation to your nation’s enemy list.
  • enemy remove (nation) – Removes a nation from your nation’s enemy list.
  • rank {add|remove} {playername} {rankname} – Grants or removes a rank to a resident of the nation.
  • set king {resident} – King command to change the king of the nation.
  • set capital {town} – Sets the capitol and king of the nation.
  • set name {name} – Sets the nation’s name.



When you start playing the server, it's a good idea to either join a town or make your own. This will protect your valuables from griefing. However, if you build in a wilderness chunk without claiming it, that can be freely accessed. Exceptions to this include public roads and community farms - griefing these is against server rules!

Joining a Town

Just ask in chat. It’s really that easy. Once a mayor has sent an invite, instructions will appear on-screen (in chat), telling you to do the following command: /accept

Once you join a town, the mayor or one of their assistants will be able to provide you a plot to build on and store whatever you need.

Making a Town

Once you have enough money. Create a one chunk town, which costs only 2000 dollars. Here are the steps you want to follow:

  1. Find an area you want to live in.
  2. Make sure your town is 5 chunks or more away from another town. You cannot claim any closer to another town. In order to check this, do the following command: /towny map big. This brings up a chunk-map of the location with where you are standing in the center. Any chunks that are not a - symbol are claimed chunks.
  3. Create your town and give it a name. You can pick any name that isn’t offensive or NSFW. To do so perform the following command: /town new [name]. Do not include the brackets. For example, if you want a town called "Jtoxroxmysox", you would type "/town new Jtoxroxmysox". Remember to use _ for spaces. Performing this command will create a town claim in the chunk you are standing. Permissions will automatically be set so only town members can build, destroy, and access chests. This chunk will be considered your Homeblock, i.e. the spot you spawn in when you do /town spawn. You can rename your town at a later date with /town set name [name]. You can change the homeblock of your town at a later time by standing wherever you would like to spawn at and performing /town set homeblock.
  4. Now you can begin to expand your town. Doing so requires dollars, the server currency. First, you want to deposit money from your balance (which you can check doing /balance). In order to do this, execute the following command: /town deposit [amount]. You can withdraw this money at any time. Only the mayor (you) has access to the town bank, using /town withdraw [amount]. Town assistants, VIPs, or helpers will not be able to do this.
  5. Once you have money, you can begin claiming land. It is helpful to have the chunk outlining tool in Minecraft enabled so you can see the chunk boundaries. Do this by hitting F3 + G. This may be different depending on your user settings and operating system. Claiming land will automatically set permissions in the chunk (or plot) to your default town permissions (all residents can build, destroy, access chests, people outside of your town cannot). In order to claim land, perform this command in chat: /town claim.

Final Notes

If none of your town's residents are active for 6 months, it can be deleted. It will not be automatically deleted; only if another player requests it to be removed. Assistants can request to take over a town if the mayor has been inactive for three weeks, and Residents can do the same if both Assistants and the Mayor are inactive for three months.




Have you made a town and ran out of claimable chunks? Do you want to go to war? The answer to both of these would be to either join or make a nation. If you're stuck as to how to do this, we've provided the information below.


Initially, when you start your town, you will only have 8 available chunks to claim. You receive 8 chunks for every player who is a resident in your town. Joining a nation can increase the number of chunks you can claim by providing a bonus of 10 to 60 chunks depending on how many people are in the nation.

You will also be able to teleport to all towns in the nation. You can view your nation’s towns by doing /nation.

If you join a large enough nation, you can very easily have dozens of teleports all over the map.

Joining a Nation

Joining a nation is fairly simple. There are many nations already established on the server, and all you have to do is ask either their leader or one of their assistants for a nation invite. As with joining a town, do /accept to become part of your chosen nation once the invite's received.

Making a Nation

If you have made a town, you will understand how to make a nation relatively easily. To form your nation, do /nation new [name]. Making a nation requires there to be 8,000 dollars in your town bank.

Once you have everything set up, you'll want to start inviting towns. However, don't invite them without talking to the mayor/assistants first - just common courtesy. Once they've agreed to join your nation, simply do the command /nation add [townname] to bring them into the fold. Depending on their town population, this may bring a nation chunk increase from the base 10. Nifty!


Ez Chest Shop

Video Tutorial 


Global Warming

Environmental Mechanics

  • Forest Fires: Occur in loaded chunks; fire blocks appear on random highest blocks under high-temperature conditions.
  • Ice Melting: Occurs in loaded chunks; ice melts randomly under high-temperature conditions.
  • Player Slowness: Affects players if the temperature is high or low enough.
  • Player Burning: Affects players if the temperature is extremely high.

Pollution Mechanics

Pollution can change on a per-world basis. There are two types of pollution mechanics:

Pollution Production

  • When animals breed.
  • When a polluted Slimefun machine completes its process.
  • When a polluted Slimefun item is used in a Slimefun machine.

Pollution Absorption

  • When a tree grows.
  • When an absorbent Slimefun machine completes its process (default: Air Compressor).

News System

Every time pollution changes in a world, a "Breaking News" message appears to all players in that world. This message includes a randomly chosen news report from the real world.

Items and Machines

  • Thermometer: Indicates the current temperature.
  • Air Quality Meter: Indicates the current temperature rise.
  • Air Compressor: Absorbs pollution while compressing CO2 into an Empty Canister.
  • Empty Canister
  • CO2 Canister: Contains compressed CO2.
  • Cinnabarite: GEOResource needed for Mercury.
  • Mercury: Resource needed for the Air Compressor craft.
  • Filter: Needed for the Air Compressor craft.


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